Making a PTSD Claim with the WCB

If your workplace is covered by WCB you may be eligible to receive benefits for work-related psychological injury, including PTSD.

For many first responder occupations, a PTSD diagnosis is presumed to be work-related, making it easier  to access WCB benefits. Occupations covered under Nova Scotia’s presumptive PTSD legislation are: Paramedics, Nurses, Continuing Care Assistants, Police, Fire, Dispatch and Corrections Officers. Find out more about PTSD presumption.

To open a WCB claim:

  • Report your injury to your employer, and seek medical care
  • Your employer is responsible for reporting your injury to the WCB
  • Ask your health care provider to submit a report to the WCB

Once your claim is accepted, your case worker will contact you to talk about your claim, and help you access the treatment and support you need.

Find out more about the WCB claim process.

Contact WCB Nova Scotia at 1-800-870-3331, or at

The  WCB focuses on helping injured workers make a safe and timely return to work. Find more support for your return to work journey.