Marc DesRoches

Workplace Consultant
WCB, Nova Scotia

Presentation: Navigating a workplace psychological injury

Day 1 - 1:30PM – 2:30PM

Marc has 13 years’ of combined experience in workplace safety and return-to-work management. Prior to joining WCB in 2013 Marc worked in Federal, construction, off-shore transport and oil & gas sectors, which provided a wealth of knowledge he continues to share with the Nova Scotia employers in his current role as a Workplace Consultant. Marc is also WCB’s project lead on the Psychologically Health and Safe Workplace initiative aimed at creating more awareness of psychological well-being and understanding of mental health in the workplace.

More about this session:

Navigating a workplace psychological injury

Mental health and wellness is an increasingly important factor in the return to work process across all industries in Nova Scotia, and none more so than with First Responders. In this session, we will discuss how an organization can best support it’s employees after a workplace injury to get the best outcomes possible. Whether the injury is primarily physical or psychological, this approach will help employees feel empowered to participate fully in the process and shorten the length of time they are away from the workplace.

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