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Check Up from the Neck Up

This private mental health check-up can help you identify symptoms of depression and anxiety.

First RespondersSelf AssessmentWebsite 

COVID-19 and the workplace

Tips to prevent stigma, micro-aggression and workplace violence due to COVID-19, as well as tips for coping with self-solation.

Employers and CoworkersFirst RespondersGuidesWebsite 

COVID-19 First Responder Workplace Hazards

This document is intended for employers, workers and customers/participants of emergency and patient intake, as an overview of potential hazards in the workplace due to COVID-19.

Employers and CoworkersFirst RespondersGuidesToolkits 

COVID-19 Mental Health Resources

Phone numbers for various mental health support lines in Nova Scotia during Covid-19.

Employers and CoworkersFamilyFirst RespondersKids and TeensWebsite 

COVID-19 Mental Health Resources

CMHA has put together some resources and suggestions to help support your mental health at this time of uncertainty.

Employers and CoworkersFamilyFirst RespondersKids and TeensWebsite