This website was developed by First Responders, for First Responders.

It is the result of a unique collaboration between first responders, emergency service employers, labour unions, Government, and the WCB. This group came together from across the province in 2019, formed a Steering Committee, and guided all aspects of the website’s development.

The First Responders depicted in this website are active duty emergency service workers in Nova Scotia. They volunteered to be featured because they care and want to help make a difference. The Committee would like to thank these First Responders for their dedication to improving workplace mental health.

Eliminating stigma and providing mental health supports for First Responders.

The website is modeled after an initiative from British Columbia called the BC First Responders Mental Health Program. The BC program generously allowed us to duplicate its creative design, and use its tools and resources. The Nova Scotia Committee is very grateful for the encouragement and support our BC colleagues have provided.

This website was also informed and inspired by the broader First Responder and mental health communities. Eliminating stigma, and providing helpful tools for the First Responders who are always there to help, are goals shared by many individuals and organizations whose best-practice tools are linked within the pages of NSfirstrespondersmentalhealth.ca.

About the First Responder Steering Committee

A collaborative effort by a committed Steering Committee of first responders, leaders, organized labour, WCB Nova Scotia, and Government representatives.

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